Ready-Mix Concrete

ready-mix concrete

With everything involved in planning and creating a poured concrete patio, sometimes thinking about the concrete material is completely forgotten! Ready-mix concrete consists of a mixture of aggregates and paste. The paste contains Portland cement and water and coats the surfaces of the aggregates. One of the best things about working with concrete is it is pliable and movable when freshly mixed and super strong and durable once it hardens.

Ready-mix concrete is a convenient choice for a variety of residential and commercial projects. If you are a homeowner or a contractor with small batch concrete mixing needs, we provide ready-mix concrete in short loads or small batches. We offer strengths ranging from 2,500 PSI to 5,000 PSI. We also provide fiber and admixtures for our customers.

Concrete for Poured Concrete Patios in Rochester, Finger Lakes, and Syracuse

Smith’s Gravel Pit provides ready-mix concrete for residential and commercial projects, and we have our ordering and delivery process down to a science. We provide the right mix, in the right amount, at the right time to allow your project to move along successfully.

Mixing and pouring ready-mix concrete correctly helps protect the integrity of the concrete, ensure that it is flat, air pockets are minimal, and prevent premature cracking. But before you pour the concrete, you need to make sure you have prepared your project successfully. Be sure to measure, mark and excavate the area correctly. The process requires the right equipment and steps to ensure a level surface.

Most people use a form of crushed stone below the concrete for improved drainage. Learning these and other tips and steps will help prepare for any residential DIY project. If you plan to use a concrete pad for a foundation for a shed, or something else, you need to make sure you consider everything necessary to make it stable and safe. Once you learn about your project’s process and its steps, we will be glad to help you determine how much concrete you need and get you on your way to your new poured concrete surface. Of course, if you’re working with a company on your home project, we can work with them, as well.

Using Ready-Mix Concrete for Construction in Rochester

Contractors choose ready-mix concrete for several different types of construction projects. Our team will work with you on calculating your need, scheduling your delivery, or even working with you to determine the best time for delivery.  We work hard to help provide you with the suitable ready-mix concrete, stone, and gravel products for your construction needs to turn your project vision into reality.

Delivery for Ready-mix Concrete in Rochester

Thanks to ready-mix concrete from Smith’s Gravel Pit, there is no need to haul many heavy bags or supplies to your home or job site. Our loaded truck holds up to 10 cubic yards of ready-mix concrete. We offer ready-mix concrete delivery in the Rochester, Finger Lakes, and Syracuse areas. If you need other materials such as sand, topsoil, or other stone projects, we also provide a variety of choices.

To secure delivery on the day you need it, we encourage you to schedule it in advance. Our team members do their best to accommodate scheduling and delivery requests. If you have additional questions about our ready-mix concrete or other products, please contact us today!

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