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There is no need to look further—or continue your Google search of a “gravel pit near me.” Smith’s Gravel Pit in Rochester proudly serves communities in Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY, and beyond. Our company is here to provide local businesses, homeowners, and contractors with the highest quality stone, sand, topsoil, and gravel in Rochester.  

Because we know how important it is to have access to gravel near me, Smith’s Gravel is always prepared with various products to satisfy every project you plan. Additionally, our expert service will ensure no stone is left unturned. Smith’s Gravel is prepared and ready to be your local destination for gravel in Rochester and surrounding communities.  

Our Products and Services  

It all comes down to the finer details.  

Our products are of the highest quality and will add the last embellished touches to any landscaping or construction project you have planned. We understand how every piece of a project must work together to complete a vision. That is why we are ready to provide you with stellar and experienced service, gravel materials, and products to help you achieve that dream project. From the novice to the expert, Smith’s Gravel Pit will be able to equip you with the supplies and materials you need.  

In addition to trucking and delivery services for your ease, Smith’s Gravel of Rochester, Syracuse, and beyond can provide you with portable crushing equipment to help you complete your job promptly and cost-effectively. And not to mention, of course, our quality products will be the go-to place for all your gravel near me wishes, which includes the following:  

Stone Products 

Stone adds an earthly final touch to all your landscaping projects. Because of its smooth and attractive appearance, stone is frequently used to garner visual interest and elevate the aesthetics of your landscaping project. As a result, we have a variety of stone products to choose from. Our washed stones, or river rocks, blend limestone, dolostone, sandstone, and granite to bring texture and complexity to your final project.  

Large Stone Products 

We also offer a selection of large stone products: 

  • Rip Rap / Heavy Stone Fill: Typically used for breakwalls, shoreline restoration, and barriers. 
  • Landscape Boulders: Typically used for ornamental landscape purposes and property protection. 

Crushed Stone Products  

Smith’s Gravel in Rochester brings only the finest quality crushed stone for your construction or landscaping project. Whether utilized as driveway gravel or the setting foundation for pavers, concrete, and more, our crushed stone products are sourced to meet any of your project’s needs. You have your pick from incomparable crushed stone and crusher run products that will be delivered right to you. Our experts will help you choose the best material, size, and amount to complete your construction or landscaping projects.  

Sand Products  

Sand is integral to all major and minor landscaping and construction projects. We also understand the diverse uses of sand, and our experts can help you determine what will work best for your unique needs. Smith’s Gravel Pit offers:  

  • Bedding Sand / Play Sand: Very fine sand is typically used for above-ground pool installations, utility projects, and playground sandboxes. 
  • Concrete Sand: Usually a middle-grade texture of sand between fine and coarse. Concrete sand is utilized in concrete mix, horse arenas, kennels, and block laying. 
  • Utility Sand: A coarse grade of sand typically used for road applications, horse arenas, utility pipe and conduit, and asphalt mix.  

Topsoil Products 

Smith’s Gravel Pit offers the highest quality of topsoil in nearby Rochester, NY, communities. Our topsoil is a mixture of compost, organic soil, and manure, containing a rich blend of nutrients and organic matter to help create a healthy foundation for your lawn and plants to flourish.  

Recycled Products  

Finding a “gravel pit near me” that offers recycled products is sometimes difficult. However, Smith’s Gravel Pit provides quality products that are cost-effective, eco-conscious, and highly durable for any construction or landscaping project. Our recycled products are asphalt millings, which are repurposed old layers of asphalt from old roads or streets. Furthermore, asphalt milling can be used to repave a driveway or create a new one and has been proven to withstand environmental pressures such as snow and flooding.  

Landscape Block 

We provide a variety of different landscape blocks to suit your aesthetic preferences for your project. From the most practical and simplest of designs to decorative and ornate options, Smith’s Gravel Pit can provide you with landscape blocks that will bring a majestic and sophisticated appeal to your project. Whether for building raised garden beds or retaining walls, you have your pick from various sizes, textures, shapes, and colors of landscape blocks to make your project unique and yours.  

Quality and Expert Services 

Smith’s Gravel Pit is ready to provide you with the highest-quality gravel products in Rochester, NY, and surrounding communities. We offer a wide selection of products for your landscaping and construction projects. Our experts can help you find the products that best fit your needs within your budget. Contact us today to set the foundation for your project!  

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