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If you need topsoil for your construction or landscaping project, Smith’s Gravel Pit can provide what you need. We are more than just a Rochester Topsoil Company; we offer a full-line of construction aggregate products. Whatever you need for your job, odds are we have it available.


Proprietary blend of organic soil, compost, and manure


The outermost layer of soil, topsoil has the highest concentration of microorganisms and organic matter, as it is where most biological soil activity takes place. We offer Rochester topsoil that is a mixture of compost, organic soil, and manure. Topsoil is great for landscaping projects, so plants can grow and thrive.

Preparing Topsoil for Use on Lawn

When you are starting a new lawn, you need topsoil. Topsoil is where organic matter has decayed and where the good microbes will live. Because of the contents of topsoil, it can be a great place for roots of grass to grow and thrive. You want the top four to six inches of soil to be rich in nutrients, and have adequate drainage, so purchasing high-quality topsoil is essential to your lawn’s health. The subsoil that is under the topsoil will not hold nutrients and moisture well, so the topsoil plays a major role in the health of any plants in your garden or the grass on your lawn. Anytime you are planting new grass, shrubs, foliage, flowers, or any trees, you should put adequate topsoil on the area.

What if Not Enough Topsoil is Used?

If you don’t use enough topsoil on your garden, lawn, or landscaping project, your plants might suffer. Without adequate topsoil, erosion, which can be damaging to your lawn and property, could be more prevalent. Plants might not reach their full potential or might even wilt. You don’t want to use too much topsoil either, as that can limit the growth of the plants or grass as well. You need a healthy mixture, which consists of about four to six inches.

What are the Benefits of Adding Topsoil?

There are several benefits of using high-quality topsoil. Containing a rich mixture of nutrients, topsoil is darker than subsoil. Its nutrients and organic matter help create healthy plants. Topsoil can help retain nutrients and water, which promote much better plant growth with healthier, stronger roots. By adding a rich layer of topsoil, you can improve the health of your lawn or garden.

Healthy Roots and Plants

To sum it up, healthy plants and roots need topsoil. For your high-quality Rochester topsoil, you can depend on Smith’s Gravel Pit. We always have a great mixture of nutrient-rich topsoil available for our customers. Regardless of whether you want to haul, or you want us to deliver, we can take care of all your topsoil needs. For larger quantities, let our team handle your hauling needs, so you can save time and money.

Rochester Construction Materials You Need

At Smith’s Gravel Pit, we strive to be the Rochester Topsoil Company you can count on to handle all your project needs. We have topsoil and various aggregates to address your building and landscaping needs. We also offer delivery services for topsoil or any other material you’ll need for your project and have equipment and truck rentals. Contact us today to learn about our services, so we can determine how we can best help you!

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