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Rochester Bulk Landscape Stone and Rocks

Our natural round landscape stone in Rochester is frequently used for landscaping because of its more attractive appearance . Rather than the regular grayish appearance of limestone, our round gravel has a smooth texture and its color is rich and natural. These stones can be used to dress up the landscaping and to add a more attractive touch to your area.

Bulk Stone Rochester NY

Washed #3

approximately 1″ to 2.25 inch stone for landscaping projects, drainage. Use as substitute for mulch around trees, shrubs, gardens

Rochester Bulk Pea Stone

Washed #2

Approximately 0.5” to 1” inch stone for landscaping, drainage, and decorative applications

Rochester Bulk Pea Stone

Washed #1

Approximately 0.25″ to 0.5 inch stone for landscaping, drainage, driveways, laying below basement slabs & foundations

Cobbles for Landscaping Rochester NY


Use for landscaping and drainage, as a base for filling muddy areas. We offer two selections of cobbles: 3 to 6 inch, and 6 to 12 inch.

Large Stone Products Rochester

Rip Rap Heavy Stones Rochester NY

Rip rap/Heavy stone fill

For breakwalls, shoreline restoration, barriers

Rochester NY Landscape Boulders

Boulders and Landscape Rocks Rochester

Large boulders for ornamental landscape purposes and property protection

Pea stone gravel colors vary from white to light brown shades, and it features edges that are rounded rather than sharp or pointed. When used in landscaping, pea stone offers an interesting variegation that can replace mulch. It doesn’t have to be replaced regularly like organic mulch, so it saves time and money while leaving the area attractive and interesting. It works great around larger plants but should not be used around perennials or flowering annuals, since the stone will retain and reflect heat, causing the plants to burn and drying out the top soil layer.


When using Rochester pea stone for your project, you will need to determine how much stone you will need. You will need to measure the width and length of the area, after determining how deep you want the pea stone to be poured.

If you are using bulk pea stone in Rochester, NY, for a pathway or as mulch, you will want it to be anywhere from two inches to four inches deep. You will want to make sure you buy enough to fill the space. Use a steel garden rake to rake the soil in the area where you will be placing the stone. You want to break up the clumps and remove any rocks that can damage the appearance of the landscaping. You will want to use landscaping fabric in the area, with slits cut in the fabric for the plants to peek through. The pea stone should be poured on top of the fabric reaching the desired depth. Be sure to leave around two inches of space without gravel around the plant stems. Smith’s Gravel Pit in Rochester, NY, offers an online calculator for pea stone and all of our stone products.


Rochester bulk pea stone is great for making pathways. Dig out the dirt until you reach the desired depth for your pathway. You will want to install edging that is flush with the ground, as this will help keep the gravel from pressing into the trench sides as it is walked on. You will need to place landscape fabric into the trench that you have dug out before you pour the pea stone on top of it. You will want to lay the stone about two to four inches deep.


If you want to use pea stone for your project, call Smith’s Gravel Pit. In addition to the smaller stone for your projects, we also can help you with landscaping boulders, heavy stone fill, and everything in between. We will help you determine how much stone your project requires. We also offer delivery service in the Rochester, NY, area for stone products. To learn more about pea stone or other gravel products that we offer, call Smith’s Gravel Pit at (315) 483-6510.