Sand Products


When it comes to sand for your landscaping or construction projects in Rochester, NY, you can count on the experienced team at Smith’s Gravel Pit to help you get what you need when you need it. Not all types of sand are the same, as some are more suited for different projects. Smith’s Gravel Pit Rochester NY will help you determine which sand will work best for your specific application. Our staff is knowledgeable about our different products and what will work best for each application. Here are a few of the different kinds of sand we have available:

Bedding Sand Rochester NY

Bedding sand/Play sand

For above ground pool installations, utility projects. Very fine particles.

Concrete Sand Rochester NY

Concrete Sand

For concrete mix, horse arenas, kennels, block laying. Middle-grade between fine and coarse.

Utility Sand Rochester NY

Utility Sand

For road applications, horse arenas, utility pipe and conduit, asphalt mix. Coarse grade.


This sand features very fine particles, so it is ideal for utility projects, such as sandboxes or playgrounds for the children or for above ground pool installations.

Used in lieu of natural ground materials, bedding sand is small aggregate that is most often found in mines and quarries during the mining process. Rochester sand is collected, cleaned, then processed and sold. It has minimal organic matter, no large stones, and no extra debris. It is a quality dry landscaping material. For traditional landscaping, bedding sand is most often used to create a base by forming a level surface. Usually, a one-inch layer is used. To calculate how much sand you’ll need, you can use our online calculator.


These particles are middle-grade, falling between being fine and coarse. Rochester Concrete sand is an excellent sand to use with concrete mix, for masonry projects such as laying blocks, for use in horse arenas, and for kennels, or other projects involving the housing of animals. There are many uses for concrete sand, such as a base between a concrete slab and a vapor barrier, as a foundation for bedding pipes, traction sand for sidewalks and roads, the installation of paving stones, and for mixing with topsoil and mulch to form a top layer material.


A fine sand that is of a coarse grade, utility sand is great for utility pipe and conduit, road applications, and for horse arenas. Utility sand Rochester, NY, is also a great choice for use in asphalt mix and is used for water, gas, and electric projects as well as fill for trenches. This sand is a mixture of colors, usually white, brown, gray, tan, and beige.

Rochester Sand Delivery

At Smith’s Gravel Pit, we take pride in being the source for all kinds of Rochester sand for any kind of project you might be pursuing. We provide sand, stone, and other aggregate for commercial and residential projects. We offer delivery for any kind of project as well.

Smith’s Gravel Pit Rochester, NY, offers high-quality sand with first-rate customer service. When you rely on our team’s expertise, you can rest assured that you will get the best product for your specific project.

When you have us deliver sand to the construction site, you can focus on other aspects of the project, saving yourself time and money. To learn more about our products and our services, and to hear our recommendations for your specific project, call us today at (315) 483-6510.