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Rochester Asphalt Millings

Asphalt millings are very helpful to paving companies and contractors. They are an excellent product to us for driveway repairs and for driveway construction. These firm, extremely durable rocks are from used asphalt. A machine removes the older layers of asphalt and creates asphalt materials and millings, a reusable material that is affordable and high-quality, and provides superior results. Coming from previous asphalt projects, Rochester asphalt millings are sometimes used in projects instead of gravel. Rochester asphalt materials are cheaper and much more environmentally friendly than fresh asphalt, so it is a great choice for residential projects in addition to commercial projects.

Asphalt Millings

Asphalt Millings

Recycled crushed asphalt used for driveways and driveway repair. Firm, extremely durable.

What Are Asphalt Millings?

When roads or streets wear down, old layers of asphalt are removed before new asphalt is laid on the road. While many people think the old asphalt has served its purpose and is thrown away, it can be reused and has much life left in it. The asphalt that is recycled is ground down into the size of aggregate, so it can properly harden and then bind together. Asphalt millings and asphalt materials are cost-effective alternatives for sub-bases or bases for different construction projects. For the asphalt materials to provide a well-supplied product the asphalt must be applied in uniform fashion then a roller must compact it. Asphalt materials don’t have the black quality of asphalt, and has a semi-permanent finish rather than a polished look. 

How Asphalt Materials Can Help Your Project</

Whether you are repaving a driveway or creating a new driveway, millings used to create asphalt materials are a cost-effective solution that can help you and are eco-friendly. These reused and recycled products hold up well, and have been proven to withstand pooling, snow, and flood while maintaining strength. While you might think these asphalt materials will look like asphalt chunks that are just thrown in a pile together, that is not the case. When asphalt millings are properly compressed, they look good, providing a cross between asphalt and gravel surfaces that bond well because it contains tar.

Why Use Rochester Asphalt Materials?

If you want to provide high-quality results while saving money and while being environmentally-friendly, asphalt materials for paving services might be the best option for your project needs. You will have the combined benefits of gravel as well as asphalt surfaces. Here at Smith’s Gravel Pit, we can help you determine which recycled materials can benefit your project and help you stay within your budget. A durable, attractive, and long-lasting solution for your paving needs, asphalt materials from asphalt millings have grown in popularity for construction projects in recent years. 

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